Augmented/Mixed Reality Services

How can we leverage Augmented/Mixed Reality for you?

Envision is at the forefront of delivering augmented and mixed reality services for training, situational awareness, or any other practical application that can enhance your organization. Our in-house graphics personnel are formally educated in modeling and graphics from accredited gaming institutions. This allows us the capability of either converting existing CAD technical drawings or creating brand new experiences in both augmented and/or virtual reality—whichever mixed reality solution best suits your organization’s requirements.

Our collective, dynamic and fluid knowledge of gaming simulation and software development allows us to leverage multiple AR/VR/MR hardware platforms. We understand that such emerging hardware platforms are constantly innovating—offering both pros and cons for your organization. Allow our active research efforts to help you choose the most feasible platforms for your organization. We’re happy to build a best-fit solution for your training and maintenance experiences and simulation environment needs.  Contact us to see what we can do together!