Networking Services

Networking means more today than LANs, WANS, servers and nodes. It means high-performance Ethernet big pipes to the Internet, internet working across platforms and geographies, ATM, Gigabit, frame relay, and end-to-end security. It means integrating heterogeneous systems transparently.

Envision’s has trained and experienced staff of Systems Engineers ready to evaluate your network needs then follow through with design, delivery, installation, and support with fault-detection, monitoring and ongoing project management.

Managing your organization’s technology assets also means locating, financing, acquiring and installing the latest hardware and software. It means taking a periodic “equipment audit” to ensure central control.

You can call in several vendors to supply each piece of the technology-asset puzzle, but why not make a single call to Envision? You’ll sidestep the hassles of lost time, overlapping expenses, mismatched equipment, obsolescence, finger pointing and the danger of data loss. We’ll manage it all for you.

We’ll give you the insight and analysis you need to manage your support infrastructure. You’ll be able to keep up with technology refreshes and equipment warranties, determine your true cost of ownership, and assess your overall information systems expenditures.

Consulting—We’re ready to answer your toughest questions and help you plan your next technology project, whether it’s a ten-node LAN, or an intranet linking a multi-site enterprise network via the World Wide Web.

Security—Is Network Security an issue for you company? Data leakage, service interruption and privacy issues demand attention and action.

Let Envision’s security specialists analyze your network to come up with the best possible security for your situation.