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EVE is dedicated to helping you get better grades. We’re available for you right now–whether you’re studying Spanish, English, History, Math, Business, Sciences, or have a paper due–we are here to help!

EVE online tutors are experienced educators–many with advanced degrees. Our professionals have decades of experience working in their respective fields.

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Every EVE Tutor must meet our high standards for qualifications, pass an interview screening process and submit a background check. From this elite group, EVE directors will help pair you with a tutor that is ready to meet your individual needs!

Our Tutors Provide:

  • Live, online, all subject tutoring​
  • Individual and small group sessions for elementary, middle, high school and college students​
  • Highly skilled state certified tutors, professionals, and exceptional college students and college faculty​
  • Our learning platform combines video chat, interactive tools, and collaborative workspaces to create a rich, rewarding one-on-one session with exactly the right tutor for you—no matter where you live.

What Can Online Tutoring Do For You?

Save Time and Money

Skip the trips to the tutor and get tutored from home, anywhere at anytime!

Personalized Learning

Meet teachers from around the world who are specialized in helping you with any subject matter you need assistance with.

Safe Learning Space

Collaborate ideas and accelerate growth with personalized virtual tutoring.

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