04 May 2022

Envision Chosen for Phase II of NSA NCAE-C VR Development

Envision is proud to announce our selection for Phase II of the Virtual Reality (VR) cybersecurity facility for the National Security Agency’s (NSA) schoolhouse known as the National Centers of Academic Excellence-Cybersecurity (NCAE-C). The VR project is funded by a NSA NCAE-C grant through the NIST NICE infrastructure comprised of several colleges across the US including Moraine Valley Community College, Brookdale Community College, Forsyth Technical Community College, Florida State College at Jacksonville, Cal Poly Pomona, Eastern New Mexico University Ruidoso, and San Antonio College.

Envision completed phase I last year (2001) which featured a three floor seven room VR cyber facility with avatars, realistic room roles, and flags for student users to collect. Phase II will feature student data collection capabilities for instructors and a 2D web version (HTML5) of the cyber facility that will mirror the VR facility. The web and VR applications will be deployed within the NSA NCAE-C Regions Investing in the Next Generation (RING) program which will reach over 400 schools in the US—bringing our cyber facility to the hands of tens of thousands of students.

The application will offer a realistic immersive experience for students interested in entering the STEM field of cybersecurity. Users will explore room-by-room to discover employee roles, educational pathways, and flags hidden throughout the facility—which better prepare students what to expect when they graduate with a cybersecurity focus and enter the workforce. Envision is very excited about the future of this project.