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How can we leverage XR for you?

eXtended Reality (XR) is the family that includes Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) either utilized individually or together. Envision is at the forefront of delivering platform-agnostic and collaborative XR services for training, simulation, maintenance, situational awareness, or any other practical use case that can enhance your organization. XR solutions can maximize bottom-line revenue while reducing the cost of doing business. This is made possible by the increase in organizational productivity via collaborative immersion.

Modern workforce now requires a new way of training. Physical simulators are still relevant but consume resources that are often challenging to manage. Recent advancements in standalone VR and AR have unlocked a new cost-reduced method to compliment and even maximize the efficiency of existing physical simulation.

Remote training, via cost-efficient standalone AR and VR devices, immediately reduces cost of travel to just lightweight shipping. Real-time remote assistance using wearable AR technology immediately reduces duration of support. The lesser-experienced AR-wearable user is able to work with both hands while receiving support from a Subject Matter Expert (SME) via video-conferencing and/or live graphical instruction.

Higher-end tethered VR devices have become extremely affordable and are able to simulate real-life scenarios with ultra-realistic graphics, sound and motion tracking. Certain professions require sensitivity training to shock-factor occupational hazards and scenarios. For example forensic science and medical industries can benefit from ultra-realistic wound simulation when compared to non-realistic mannequins. The student or trainee becomes that much better-prepared for real-life scenarios.

Our collective, dynamic and fluid knowledge of gaming simulation and software development allows us to leverage multiple XR hardware platforms. We understand that such emerging hardware platforms are often confusing for public consumption and constantly innovating—offering both pros and cons for your organization. Allow our active research efforts to help you choose the most feasible XR platform(s) for your organization. We’re happy to build an industry-specific best-fit for your training, simulation and or maintenance needs in an endpoint-to-endpoint solution. From product research, strategy and analysis through design, development, deployment, support and managed services, we’re here for you!

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