Our Background in Government Services

On average, our personnel have over 25 years of experience providing support in Research and Development, Systems Engineering, Test Support, IT, Information Assurance, IV&V, Software Development, and System Integration Services to Government and commercial customers.

What We Do

Throughout our company history, Envision has served DoD and related clients by providing systems and software engineering, programmatic support, systems and software testing, Independent Verification and Validation, and related services. Our experience is on programs such as:

Specialized Skills

Envision has engineers and computer programmers with unique backgrounds and experience in Software-Controlled Radios, Certification and Accreditation, Test Coordination and Execution, Aircraft Databuses, Military Avionics, Program and Data Loaders, and Test Equipment/Test Program Sets. We have both-company-site capabilities and Government-site personnel who perform prototype fabrication, lab asset maintenance, Automatic and systems management and administration.

Legacy Systems

We have senior personnel with extensive backgrounds in legacy systems, such as Ring Laser Gyro Inertial Navigation Systems, VINSON-family COMSEC, and Ada software development and maintenance. Over the years, we have developed and supported software and systems in a wide variety of development environments, target environments, and programming languages.

Offices and Sites Supporting Government Projects

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