21 Sep 2020

Envision VR to Enhance STEM Cybersecurity

Envision is proud to announce our selection to develop a Virtual Reality (VR) cybersecurity facility for the National Security Agency’s (NSA) schoolhouse known as the National Centers of Academic Excellence-Cybersecurity (NCAE-C). The VR application will be deployed within the NSA NCAE-C Regions Investing in the Next Generation (RING) program which will reach over 400 schools in the US.

The VR project will be funded by a NSA NCAE-C RING grant, through Moraine Valley Community College. It will feature an ultra-realistic cyber security facility comprised of seven special purpose rooms spread over three floors. The application will offer a realistic immersive experience for students interested in entering the field of cybersecurity. Users will explore room-by-room to discover employee roles, educational pathways, and flags hidden throughout the facility—which better prepare students what to expect when they graduate with a cybersecurity focus and enter the workforce.