09 Sep 2021

Extended Reality (XR) technology developer creates interactive forensic science simulator. 

NEW JERSEY – Sept 9, 2021 – Envision Innovative Solutions is proud to announce the release of Forensic EduSim™, the Virtual Reality (VR) forensic crime scene investigation simulator, on the STEAM store. This is our initial beta deployment of the platform and features simulation only without narrative, mainly for supplemental classroom use. The Forensic EduSim™ platform can be customized and expanded to meet the specific requirements of a forensic science curriculum in K-12 or college levels of education, in addition to law enforcement organizations.

Forensic EduSim™ allows for VR users to conduct ultra-realistic crime scene investigation simulation and then enter a forensic crime lab to review collected evidence. Official forensic investigation practices and evidence collection containers are used to optimize the educational training aspect of the application. Evidence collection, including in-VR photography, is logged for post-experience reporting. This is beneficial for students and instructors to utilize for performance assessment. 

Traditional forensic crime scene simulation is limited by lack of environmental immersion, lack of adequate props, and unrealistic mannequin-based flesh wounds. While conveying the proper process of crime scene investigation, it simply does not offer the needed realism and shock factor that an investigator might experience at a forensic crime scene. The student is often limited to a single unrealistic school room area that remains static and suffers from bottlenecked availability. 

Forensic EduSim™ resolves these issues by creating ultra-realistic graphics and textured environments, customizable props, and realistic flesh wounds as forensic crime investigators would experience in real life. We also feature realistic audible distractions within the experience to mimic real-world conditions. The high-end graphics of our crime scene environments and props holds the students attention and makes for a more memorable and knowledge-retentive experience-allowing the student to apply their learning experience to the real world more efficiently. 

About Envision Innovative Solutions 

Established in 2006, Envision Innovative Solutions is a leading technology developer in the field of eXtended Reality (XR)—the umbrella technology branding that includes augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. Other Envision extended reality clients include Fortune-100 energy corporations and educational institutions, including K-12 and higher education. Envision XR is highly focused on immersive training and education, simulation, and real-time learning. For nearly two decades, Envision has been an industry leader in software development, systems engineering and integration, and managed IT services for the U.S. Departments of Defense and Interior. Additionally, Envision offers remote virtual education and tutoring services, including XR, to help combat the educational sector loss of in-person learning and hands-on lab exercises due to COVID-19 circumstances and closures. Learn more about Envision’s extended reality technology at envision-is.com/xr.


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