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Military Vehicle Maintenance Training

Envision understands the need for proper military vehicle maintenance procedures. Therefore we designed a VR experience that takes student trainees through a virtual Stryker for a general high-level inspection routine. We have the capability to implement a full list of inspection procedures upon customer request. Additionally we have the capability to implement interactive checklists that forces student trainees to perform the inspection procedures with their real hands while inside the VR experience. This acts as a comprehensive familiarization tool so that student trainees optimize their time in expensive and resource-limited physical simulators or while performing real maintenance on such vehicles.

Additionally we have the capability to design and develop AR software for vehicle maintenance inspectors to utilize while in the field. The inspector would either need to use a wearable headset, smartphone or tablet with a rear-facing camera to enable the AR experience. Three levels of support are possible. First are pre-loaded instructions and 3D animations of inspection procedures. Second is the ability for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to supplement the inspectors AR experience with common problems and issues based on past-collected data. Third is the ability to summon a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to walk the inspector through the maintenance procedures. If the inspector is utilizing an AR wearable, like the Microsoft Hololens for example, then both of their hands are free to work while receiving the instruction. The following app footage video shows the VR IAV Stryker Maintenance Simulator we developed as a POC for the US ARMY.

Envision’s VR IAV Stryker Maintenance Simulator

Avionics Simulation

XR can be used for training, simulation and real-time maintenance of any technology no matter how complex. Our technology provides unparalleled instruction and hands-on learning in a distraction-free environment. Complex avionics systems benefit from our living eXtended Reality (XR) solutions as legacy paper documentation and 2D illustrations become obsolete. Remote AR assistance significantly reduces the time and cost of assessment and repair of avionics networks both on the ground and or in the air.

Envision’s XR Lead Solutions Architect, Jonathan Carr, demonstrates an avionics maintenance experience in VR.

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