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Training Simulation & Maintenance

The cost of Subject Matter Expert (SME) travel can be expensive especially if overseas travel is involved. Envision has developed a platform agnostic solution to bring SME guidance into any Augmented Reality (AR) scene involving equipment maintenance or repair. This solution is most favorably used with wearable AR headsets like Microsoft Hololens, SA Photonics, etc. This keeps the AR user’s hands free to work while receiving either visual or audio instruction from a SME. In addition, visual user and training manuals can provide animated 3D instruction sets that simply cannot be represented by traditional documentation. The following app footage video represents an AR industrial water pump training and maintenance experience that a trainee or real-time technician can utilize to reduce the time and costs of performing complex tasks.

Envision’s wearable AR Industrial Water Pump trainer

Physical Simulator Optimization

Exelon Corporation is a Fortune-100 company which delivers energy to many regions of the US. Their Future of Learning program approached Envision about creating pre-simulator XR technology for their nuclear operator control room training. They currently have physical replicas of nuclear operator rooms that are so well-replicated that real nuclear operators cannot tell the difference between the real operator room if led into the room blind folded. The problem is that these physical simulator rooms cost thousands of dollars per hour to use and can only accomodate limited trainees at once. Envision brought a very innovative solution to the table. We created AR applications to familiarize trainees with specific control panels so that their time spent in the actual simulator was more efficient. This also allows any employee with a tablet to train while waiting for simulator room time. The following photos show the ultra-realistic AR solution we developed for Exelon’s The Future of Learning Program.

Operator Panel
Operator Panel

Industrial Tools

Envision also developed a proof of concept set of industrial tools, for Exelon’s The Future of Learning Program, to increase productivity and reduce costs. The following images represent the proof of concept iOS/Android application we developed.

Model Breakout
Replacement Parts Ordering
Remote Subject Matter Expert Assistance

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