VR Weather Visualization

Our most recent eXtended Reality (XR) development effort at Envision are experiences that visualize big data. In this case the big data comes from the National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) in the form of computer weather modeling data. Meteorologists, whether for government, education or news and media applications, are still limited to mostly 2D weather model output. In our opinion 2D weather model data does not convey a proper understanding of atmospheric conditions. Weather model data is first collected from various weather sensors around the world located on the ground, marine buoys, weather balloons and or on radio dropsondes. This information is processed using supercomputers to calculate weather conditions in the future via parameters such as 500mb geopotential heights, cyclonic vorticity, precipitation type and intensity and temperature to name a few. This data is then rendered on 2D model slides which represent only 4-6 hour periods at a time. The output cannot be viewed as a smooth video and fails to show altitude and vertical depth of specific output parameters.

Envision has developed a solution, powered by WeatherBell Analytics weather model data, that first processes the big data output, in the form of GRIB files, and then renders 3D output in XR. We’ve also incorporated an educational experience into the application to teach the basic concepts of meteorology. The following app footage video shows our VR weather education and model data visualization technology. This video also demonstrates how simple green screen technology can capture and display the Virtual Reality (VR) user experience.

Envision’s Lead Solution Architect, Jonathan Carr, demonstrates VR weather visualization technology.

AR Weather Visualization

Envision’s Augmented Reality (AR) technology allows for big cloud weather model data to render, in 3D, on any flat surface using your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The following app footage video shows a demonstration of this with Vertical Velocity rendered, in 3D, from WeatherBell Analytics data.

Envision’s AR Weather Visualization iOS & Android Application